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James Patrick Plays…

Live electronics and processes and conducts an ensemble of musicians…

Regular players include:  John Keston (keys), Jon Davis (bass), Chris Cunningham (guitar), Chuck Love (percussion and horns) and Graham O’Brien (drums).


A brief write up about the group:
James Patrick Plays… live electronics as he samples, loops, and re-synthesizes his ensemble of jazz, dub, and funk improvisarios.

The band without a name hails from the fusion itself between thriving underground climates of both jazz and electronic music in the midwest.

Patrick, curator and head of what is a large part of the Twin Cities’ electronic music movement, realizes this culmination as a collision of many projects in his present and past. His 10+ years of teaching synthesis and live electronic music technique at a variety of institutions (,, meet his 15+ years of experience being a live artst/DJ and throwing highly influential art and music parties. His crowd love him dearly and are very aware of the meaning that this project provides to Patrick and this lifelong quest as an artist – to realize his ultimate goal of using his art as a tool to bring people together and improve the meaning of their lives through expanding their consciousness.

DKO, (Davis, Keston, and O’Brien) an underground jazz favorite, fueled by Herbie Hancock style keys (John Keston – Rhodes and synthesizer) and wicked smooth but lively 2 piece rhythm section (Jon Davis – Bass and Graham O’Brien – Drums), makes up the foundation that supports Patrick as he both provides the sonic backdrop for the group and simultaneously sculpts new sonorities and mixtures by sampling, re-sampling, processing, and mangling individual riffs as the band grooves.

Accenting this powerhouse synthetic/acoustic rhythm machine is 2 of the Twin Cities’ greatest musical front men, Chuck Love and Chris Cunningham. Chris – a 30+ year lead guitarist and NYC native, and Chuck Love of OM Recordings and the Love Network lead the live aspect of the band into a percussive, groovy march to the tune of the universal heartbeat that we all share.


This is the site of James Patrick; Sound Artist, Curator, Composer, and Ableton Certified Trainer.

Any specific inquiries can be sent directly via the contact page here.

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