Sunset to Sunrise w/ Akufen

Saturday, May 14th.  8pm – 2am.

Location:  MAP HERE

Cover:  $5 all night!

Music:  An extended set by Montreal’s Akufen *Fabric, Force Inc, Musique Risquee, Horror Inc.

Akufen is the musical pseudonym of Montreal, Canada based artist, Marc Leclair. Leclair makes electronic music that is often described as minimal house, minimal techno, glitch, or microhouse.

His 2002 release entitled My Way introduced his concept of “microsampling”, which was essentially a way of using extremely small and short clips of samples he had randomly recorded off of FM radio broadcast…s as a key musical element.

It was about that time that I heard his music on the Background Recordings label. These tracks became staples in mine and many other’s record bag. Minimal techno and minimal house in places like the Dinkytowner was founded on these tracks.

A few years later, I was selected by Akufen to DJ with him, Deadbeat, and Bruno Pronsato at Seattle’s Decibel Festival. We all became very close friends, and now are being reunited by the energies of the universe, and all of your LOVE for music that is more interesting than the stagnant and stale “stormers” of modern club music.

Let’s say HELL NO to normal club music. Let’s say HELL YES to an event that brings together our hearts, minds, and feet!

This is the definition of “Detail Oriented Dance Music for the Feet and the Mind,” and I have never been so excited about bringing an artist to all of you in my entire career. Please join us!


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