Arp/Chord + 303 Bassline

For this Live Pack, I have included 3 of my all-time favorite Racks.

1.  The Arp_Chord.  This rack is a great bassline starter.  Put it in front of any virtual instrument and turn the Macros.   Switch through Arpeggio modes, Key Signatures, and Transpositions.

2.  The Chord_Switcher.  Another MIDI Effect Rack, this time it’s embedded into the Arp_Chord.   You can either use it on it’s own, or run the Arp_Chord to control it’s parameters.   On it’s own, it’s a major/minor triad switcher.. great for momentary transpositions from Major to Minor.  Customize this one to find the perfect combination of harmonies!

3.  The 303_Starter.  This Instrument Rack holds simply 3 devices; The Operator, the Compressor, and the beloved Saturator.   The Operator is employing only 2 oscillators and a nicely driven and enveloped Low Pass filter.   This emulates the classic “303 bassline” sound quite nicely.   Make it pump by selecting a Side Chain modulation source to the Compressor, and then just let the Saturator sit there and do what it does best..  *You will need to create your own Modulation Source for this configuration.   Might I suggest the FM Kick Starter?


*Remember, with all of these Live Packs, you will want to open their Live Sets, and then SAVE each rack into your library.   Someday I will be granted the magical ability to create Live Packs that auto-populate your libraries.  In the meantime..   Don’t forget this step!

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