Operator Oneshots – Slam Academy

Last month the Slam Academy in downtown Minneapolis (www.slamacademy.com) hosted a 1 day, intensive workshop on the Ableton Operator.   I was excited to teach such a workshop, especially considering my love for this device.   The Swiss Army Knife of Synthesizers, the Operator can create such a vast array of sounds, and so easily, that I felt compelled to do my best in sharing this content.

In the words of Robert Henke.. “I made this for myself… but in the end, why not sharing it?”

Download this Ableton Live 8 session here:


Slam Academy: Oneshots.  Our most compact, in-depth type of course offering to date. Oneshots focus on one unique tool or concept in electronic music making, going into great detail, and fully exploring its creative possibilities. One class, one day only.



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