Timefog is a record label that began a few years ago in Minneapolis.

Timefog Recordings website:
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Timefog on Beatport

It was founded by 3 men, once close friends, to bring people and music together in a positive way.

It was a great success.

We felt intense support, love, and charts from some of the greatest artists and fans in the world of electronic music, including Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Bruno Pronsato, Barem, Laurent Garnier, Drumcell, Audio Injection, Luke Slater, Someone Else, Tim Xavier, Camea, Dustin Zahn, and many many others…

Since then, the members have all gone their separate ways.   *LA, Berlin, NYC, etc…

It was a good run, but now it is over.

Thanks to the fans and the DJs worldwide for their support.

To purchase music from Timefog, please visit our Beatport page HERE.

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