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Technical and creative training for the digital generation in the fields of audio synthesis, sound design, computer music, and live performance.

During the past 10 years, I have been developing specialized Ableton Live software music curricula.  This was noticed by the Berlin based software company as the first Ableton Live specific course available in the US.  Since then, the project has unfolded into the recent completion of Ableton’s Certified Trainer Program.  I hold this Certification in hopes that many others will uncover and enjoy the rewards of creating in the Ableton Live environment.  Contact for training opportunities.


“James Patrick radiates inspiration in everything he does; whether he is creating music or sharing conversation his lust for going deeper is refreshing.  In today’s world, it is not often you come across someone who truly cares about others as much as themselves; but around JP you never question his sincerity…

-Nic Hentges
Lead Production Technician

What JP has taught us thus far has absolutely been mind blowing. We truly hit the lottery when we found him as an instructor. His knowledge of the science of sound, combined with your mastery of Ableton Live, truly makes him an expert in this field. I can guarantee this sort of accelerated learning track can’t be taught by many people in the world. Hence, I’m grateful to have him as an instructor.

– Jarret Weber – Section 30

It is very hard for me to put into words what a great experience I had training with James Patrick.  All I can say is that every day I was challenged with life changing tools in the pursuit of creating music and sound design. It was almost a euphoric experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I highly recommend his training to anyone trying to create music of any kind.

-Will Hensley (DJ Will Smoke – Konkrete Jungle)

James knows ableton live like the back of his hand and has given me the knowledge to create my own music in a matter of weeks. I am very thankful for a teacher of this caliber!!

-Adam Peterson (DJ Fanatic)

JP has the ability to quickly find one’s level of experience within Ableton Live, build from there and actually give you what you asked for. Not what other teachers might think you “need”. He cuts to the chase, will give you the taste, and you’ll quickly ask for more.

-Gary E
Electric Shadow Productions

Before I took this class I had no idea what synthesis was or how a synthesizer worked.
I have now been introduced to a whole new world of music production and I also
feel that my mind has been opened to a new way of making music and sound in
general. Everything that I have learned thus far has expanded my mind in the way
I think about writing a song. I love it, I will never stop making music and
synthesis, or digital music will always be a part of my music, no lie.

-Andrew Jacob, Student and Musician.

I  look at my production in an entirely new way now. Thanks for getting me excited about synthesis and making my own sounds. You have no idea how much I appreciate your classes and everything you’ve done for me. You truly inspire me.

-John Pickard, Student and Musician.

JP structures his lessons to make the learning process easier and enjoyable. He teaches in such a way that I can learn both the technical skills to run Ableton and how to make those technical skills work in a creative way.

-Carl Wegener- Student and DJ.

“For someone who has been DJing and working with music for a long time, you think you know a lot.  Within the first minutes of working with JP, I realized just how much broader my understanding of the sounds, and music that I hear and play all the time could be.  Even more amazing though, is it’s the same realization with each and every bit of knowledge that I learn.”

-Christian Valencia (DJ Artemus – Communique Records)

Along with giving me the tools to use Ableton Live to its full potential, JP has also helped me understand concepts that I had problems with in other classes. JP is a great instructor and I feel lucky to know and learn from him.

-Tyler Little – Student and Musician

“Not only has switching DAW’s to Ableton changed the way I make music, but having a truly passionate teacher to guide me in the right direction and inspire me beyond belief has opened my mind and been key to how much I have advanced.”

– Jackson Thompson

The opportunity to sit down with JP and Live for an extended amount of time altered my life, in a big way. He loves this stuff, and his wonder for the program is infectious.

-Olaf Ydstie – Student and Musician

JP’s Holistic approach to sound make his class a powerful tool for anyone interested in synthesizing sound for any purpose (not exclusively for computer or synthesized music).  With the awareness that I gained in this class I feel that I have developed an intimate understanding of the inner workings of any synthesizer.

-IPR Student

Current Projects:

Ableton Live Education – Certified Trainer/Clinician

Slam Academy – Chief Content Officer and Co-Founder

Spark Festival – Curator

Sound Crawl – Curator

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